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September 25, 2008

Octave of Prayer – Minor White

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The (softcover & hardcover) book, Octave of Prayer, Edited by Minor White and published by Aperture books (1972), was a distillation of Whites thoughts on how a photograph could have meaning beyond the image on the paper. And in true White fashion, he has included only one of his own photographs in the book, but probably most important to him, most of the text. As stated in the title page, a exhibition on a theme.

Some of the photographers and photographs (all black & white) that are included could also be viewed as very straight forward work, but with the context that White places them in, they start to take on other meaning.

After viewing the book, it comes as no surprise that White is really strong on the idea of “equivalents” and finding meaning beyond the image, that it should take time with a photograh to really understand the emotional content (meditation). And there are plenty of photographs in this book to provide this introspective opportunity.

Best regards, Doug Stockdale

Octave of Prayer

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Placerita Canyon Cascade

Placerita Canyon Cascade, photograph copyright of Douglas Stockdale

(Originally published in Singular Images, 05/31/07)…Minor White published the text for Octave of Prayer as an Aperture publication in 1972 concurrent with an exhibit of the same name at MIT. Worth reading if you can find a copy. I have been re-reading my tattered copy (a “HURT” book to begin with, better price at the time) again. More thoughts to share about this later….

Best regards, Doug Stockdale

(Update 10/7/08) My photograph Placerita Canyon Cascade, above, was created within the concept of equivalents as explained by Minor White.

September 23, 2008

Blurb printer upgrade

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Blurb has just announced that they are now printing all of their 7 x 7″ books on the HP Indigo printers. Yeah!!

For those who have followed my writings on Singular Images, know of the angst that I experienced with the Blurb Xerox EGen color halftone printer that they were using only for the 7 x 7″ books. Since I was a charter member of the B3 group, I had acess to the color profiles and option of printing with the HP Indgo, and what a difference that made.


September 22, 2008

PDN – the book issue

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This month’s (September 2008) issue of PDN (Photo District News) magazine is their book issue. If you want some insights into the photographic book publishing industry or some recommendations about what it takes to have your own photographs published, then this is an issue you should buy.

Yes, I have my copy and I am only half way through, but already I can highly recommend this purchase.

PDN also has a web site, but access to most of the realy great articles requires that you have a subscription to the magazine. Bummer, although I can understand the logic behind it.

Best regards, Doug

September 21, 2008

Jonathan Brown interview – Leadapron

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 Leadapron, bookstore & gallery

Interview with Jonathan Brown, owner Leadapron, (Spring, 2008) (Orignally published on The Photo Exchange, subseqently on The Photo Exhibit)

While we were at the Palm Springs Photo Festival in March, I had the opportunity to meet Jonathan Brown, the owner of Leadapron, a fine art bookstore and gallery located on Robertson Ave in Los Angeles.

Subsequently, I had a brief phone interview with Jonathan about Leadapron. This is a brief paraphrase of our resulting conversation;


Journal intent

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I have thinking about this journal for a while, especially as I have tried to figure out if it is a good fit with I currently write. So when publishing a journal, it kinda helps to know who you audience is, eh?


Greetings & Salutations

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This blog is currently underdevelopment and hopefully be up and ongoing this Fall (2008).

Meanwhile I have written some thoughts about photographery books in a couple of other places that I hope to soon consolidate here.

Best regards, Doug Stockdale

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