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April 6, 2011

LensWork Magazine – #74

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Copyright the various photographers 2008 courtesy of LensWork

While I was updating the photography magazine section of this blog and providing very brief overviews of various photographic magazines that I though had some aesthetic merit, I realized that there was an opportunity for a two-fer, to discuss the LensWork magazine while shamelessly promoting my own photographic work.  Yes, that is indeed me, Douglas Stockdale, on the front cover as one of the four photographer portfolios featured in this edition.

At the time of this publication in 2008, LensWork was available on newsstands, principally throughout the USA. Later that same year, Brooks Jensen, the publisher and editor of the magazine, made the decision to have this magazine available only by subscription or as an internet purchase. There is a matching DVD with each issue, that may have additional photographs for the published portfolio (as the issue #74 DVD has for my project), additional photographer portfolios, and audio recordings of each photographer discussing their project, similar to the DVD accompanying issue #74 which has my interview with Jensen discussing my portfolio project In Passing.

As might be realized by looking at the accompanying images below, LensWork only publishes Black and White projects and prints them in  the same exact format with a slightly warm toning. Jensen is an accomplished photographer and this magazine publication reflects his personal aesthetics, including some very talent magazine printing and binding that he found in Vancouver Canada. This magazine brings out the best of almost any black and white photographic project.

The LensWork format is relatively consistent with four black & white photographic portfolios, one of which is the key body of work that usually includes the written interview as well as the magazine cover image. Yes, my portfolio did not make the grade for this issue. The magazine is published every other month and one big change with the current issue, unlike issue #74, is that the late Bill Jay is not writing his infamous EndNotes (besides pontificating on a variety of subjects, in issue #74 he chose Darius Himes as the subject for one of his wonderful interviews). In fact Jay passed away not long after issue #74 was published.

So in LensWork issue #74, you have my portfolio for In Passing (not my original name for this project, but a title that Jensen’s assistant came up with, which I liked immensely, and was granted continued use), Ann Mitchell’s photographs that would lead to her book Austin Val Verde (reviewed here).  Ann and I subsequently became friends and I have taught photobook and photo-project workshops with her at Long Beach City College. In issue #74 is the magazine’s cover project by Josef Hoflehner, excerpted from his photobook Iceland and a portfolio by Barry Wolf, who was also granted the issue’s back cover photograph.

Best regards, Doug


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