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Photobook blogs

Some additional Photobook discussions are held here, which is not an inclusive list by any means (aka the blogroll);

4B5 Books & Photography – Jeffery Ladd (of 5B4 fame, English text, an American in Germany);

748 = photobooks – Lillian “Frog” (French text);

Bint Photobooks (English text, writer is anonymous);

Buffet – Andrew Phelps (English text, an American in Austria);

Claxton Projects – Tom Claxton (English text, an Englishman living in the USA);

Des Livres et des photos – Remi Coignet (French text, lives in Paris, France);

Elizabeth Avedon (NYC, NY):

eyecurious books – Marc Feustel – (Tumblr, Engish, an American in Paris);

Have a Nice Day Book –  Yosigo & Salva Lopez (Vimeo, English & Spanish text, Spain);

Hippolyte Bayard – Fabio Severo (English text, Spain);

The Independent Photobook – Hester Keijser (English text, The Hague, The Nederlands);

indie photobook libary -Larissa Leclair (English text, Washington DC);

Josef Chladek – on photobooks and books (Vienna, Austria);

Libro de Fotografia – Tomás de Teresa (Spanish text, Spain);

Mrs. Deane – Hester Keijser (English text, The Hague, The Nederlands);

My New Notebook – Ken Iseki (English & Japanese text, Japan);

Phot (o) lia – olia (English text, NYC, NY);

photo-eye – various (English text, Santa Fe, NM);

Photography+Art+Ideas – Harvey Benge, Auckland & Paris;

Taiwan Photobook (Chinese text, China);

Who needs another photo blog – Christer Ek, France (English text) ;

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